Monday, May 9, 2011

Praise To Complaints..

I praise You for the great things.
I whine to You about the other things.
I see You provide my needs,
yet I fuss to get my wants.
You are always faithful,
Yet I still doubt you.
You rescue me,
But I still fear.
You love me,
But I feel unloved.
You made me,
But I dislike me.
O Lord, forgive me.

The Israelites were just rescued from Egypt. They saw the sea part. But the minute they were thirsty, they started whining and doubting God. For 40 years, we see this pattern in them. They see God do something big, but still doubt and sin. How foolish they were and how foolish we are at times.

May you and I remember what God has done and will do. May you and I open are eyes to see God today. May we ease our stress but trusting in a God who can do all things. (just read Exodus if you doubt)

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